The Mystery of OG Kush and it’s Genetics

The Mystery of OG Kush and it’s Genetics

Over the years, there has been a growing discussion on not only the genetics of the well renowned OG Kush, but also over what the “OG” even stands for in the first place. The reputation of OG Kush is really high as you probably already know. There are many people who travel to California in search of this Godly strain. Because of the high popular demand, this caused some of its prices to rise; being as high as $30/gram and $80/eighth. These prices are also due to the effort that needs to be put in to grow this strain. If not done correctly, the harvest yield will be much lower, ultimately being an investment risk for growers. If you take into consideration the supply and demand, there is no wonder why these prices.

Why is OG Kush so popular?

Is it because of it’s dank scent, great taste, nice look and feel, or the high it gives you? Simply, it’s all of these things. If you’re not a regular pot smoker or can’t handle strong strains, then you should be wary of this stuff because it’s some pretty strong stuff. If you haven’t seen how it looks before, you will notices its bright green color and how crystallized it is. OG Kush is also known for being really sticky, hence the phrase “sticky fingers.” The perfect batch of OG Kush is a dream come true for any marijuana enthusiast.

There are lot of claims out there that OG Kush is an indica while there are other claims suggesting it’s a sativa. It has even been thought that the strain is some sort of hybrid of the two. All of these are just guesses, there isn’t really any proof of what this stuff is. The genetics simply don’t provide the information for us. What’s more important to know is that OG Kush grown today is just phenotypes of the original OG Kush aka the stuff from the 90s era.

What is a phenotype? That means the physical appearance of OG Kush today is different when compared to the original plant from back in the day. When we say physical appearance, this goes down to the atoms, cell structures, molecules, metabolism and any other behavioral functions of this plant. The marijuana world is full of basically infinite phenotypes apart from just sativa and indica.

What are phenotypes?

To go a little further in depth about phenotypes, two different seeds from the same plant can have many different variations when I that comes to results. Each of these variations is considered a phenotype. This usually occurs in some hybrids, mainly because sativa is a recessive gene. Even if a plant has a 60/40 ratio that favors sativa, the plant can produce seeds with an india dominance. This results in two entirely different strains. We call them hybrids usually just out of convenience, but the reality is that its more complex than that.

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If you take a look on Seedfinder, it would state that OG Kush is an indica stemming from Chemdawg. The chemistry of Chemdawg (according to Seedfinder) is as follows: Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush). Others would say that OG Kush is just a phenotype deriving of Chemdawg and that we came to the strand by the perfection of fertilizers and other factors.

There is some belief from the Sierra Seed Company that a northern California grower got their hands on the Chemdawg strain back in 1993. This was shared with another grower (from Sunset Beach) with whom he teamed up with because he had the “secret ingredient” aka the perfect male plant for breeding. This male plant was ultimately a cross between Lemon Thai and Old World Paki Kush. By 1995, these weed strains became really popular in L.A.

Urban Myth

OG Kush

An urban myth is that the original grower of this new strain was given a bowl of the stuff and told it was “so good, because it was mountain grown.” Surely he recognized and had to correct his friend, telling him “This is Ocean Grown Kush, Bro!” Thus leading to the “OG” in OG Kush that is still used to this day.

When the original OG Kush grower decided to leave the country when it was 1996, he had some friends in Downey, California that he left his remaining bud with. As these phenotypes kept existing, they spread to San Fernando Valley, Orange County and so on to become known as Larry OG and SFV OG. SFV OG is pretty similar to the original OG while it does possess more sativa capabilities. Larry OG is known to be a phenotype of original OG Kush and SFV. These growers were also rumored to be responsible for West Coast Dog and Bubba Kush.

Where did the OG come from?

There are other theories out there about where the “OG” came from in OG Kush. Some say that the “OG” stands for which happened to be the largest website dedicated to growing cannabis. They were ultimately shut down by the Canadian police for allegedly illegally distributing seeds. There are many other that actually believe “OG” is supposed to stand for “original gangster”, a strain from the Sand Fernando Valley in L.A. Supposedly this was the plant that actually became so famous and put southern Cali onto the medical marijuana platform.

When we look at the specific genetics of OG Kush, it will probably always be a mystery which is just fine as long as it’s still here. Surely you could compare OG Kush to a forbidden fruit. There is no doubt this strain is going to be an American favorite for how long is exists. This stuff is timeless and always provides you a good quality high. If you think you can handle it, then you need to try this strain out for yourself.

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